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Boost Mobile offers best smartphones, great plans and the nationwide Sprint 4G LTE network without any contract. Boost Mobile is the center of great phones from the world’s best manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, HTC, and others. Be heard with Boost Mobile and their great plans that help you stay connected all the time. Boost Mobile has won awards for its service and dependable nationwide network. It offers simple and flexible no-contract wireless products and services with great deals.


Boost Mobile offers its wireless customers a terrific plan called the Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments. It is a no contract plan that no other prepaid cell phone carrier offers. Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments gives you the opportunity to save money. For every six on-time payments, Boost Mobile reduces your monthly payments by $5, up to $15 per month.

Boost Mobile offers the Nationwide Sprint Network that connects over 250 million people in the country. Boost also offers the best devices with no activation charges or long distance fees. Pick from your favorite brands or the latest in the Smartphone department. Android phones, Blackberry or 4G LTE devices, or from LG and Kyocera. Get high-end phones or super affordable ones from Boost Mobile. Shop online at to get exclusive deals and free shipping on all your online purchases.

Apple iPhone 5c: iPhone5c is the revolution from Apple with amazing specifications including A6 chip, 8 MP iSight camera and a 4-inch Retina display, iPhone 5C in every person’s dream. It has ultrafast LTE network and runs on iOS 7.

Customer rating: 4.8/5

Apple iPhone 5s: iPhone 5s is a highly advanced phone and comes with state-of-the-art features. It has A7 chip in a 64-bit architecture, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a wonderful and new 8 MP iSight camera, a FaceTime HD camera, iCloud and and iOS 7 operating system. It looks gorgeous and sleek and is worth every penny.

Customer rating: 4.6/5

Boost MAX: This smartphone comes with an optimum screen size for a better experience. The Boost MAX has a 5.7-inch HD IPS Display with Corning Gorilla Glass. It comes with a Dolby Digital Plus sound, 4G LTE network and Android 4.1 system.

Customer rating: 4.6/5

Samsung Galaxy S III: Boost Mobile offers the Samsung Galaxy S III with Shrinking Payments. With 4G LTE speed, one back and one front camera, super AMOLED touch screen display, Android powered, Samsung Galaxy S III delivers on its promises in spades. Armed with the S Beam feature that lets you share your pictures, music and videos with just one tap to a friend’s mobile, Samsung Galaxy S III is powerful and simple.

Customer rating: 4.5/5

HTC One SV: HTC One SV offers you the Beats Audio, Android OS and a super-fast 4G LTE speed network. It has dual cameras and an awesome 4.3-inch screen with great resolution. Surf the internet, catch up with your friends, and download thousands of games and apps from Google Play.

Customer rating: 4.5/5

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