Free Trials & Online Dating Reviews is a way to change your life for the better future. Find your soul mate or make new friends, either way have a fuller life with Chemistry. If you are ready to foray into the world of online dating, Chemistry is the best place to start. It is straightforward and simple. Learn the basics and the way online dating works to get the best out of it. Chemistry is designed keeping the newbie in mind.

Chemistry comes with a great personality test developed by the renowned Dr. Helen Fisher. The personality test gives accurate results and is a formidable tool in finding your best matches. It finds the profiles that are compatible with yours so that you get more than one choice when choosing your life partner. The personality gives you a true assessment of your personality, which indicates the kind of people that you may like. Chemistry has a simple and user-friendly interface with the necessary tools and features to keep your interaction with your potential matches easy and interesting.

Chemistry profiles will have your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, your physical attributes and the results of your personality test, your photos and lifestyle information and more. The site generates your matches automatically and you can view a profile by clicking on it. The site improves your matches through your feedbacks and ratings. The focus of Chemistry is your compatibility with other people so that when you start interacting you actually click or ignite a spark.

Show your interest with little “nudges”. Dr. Helen Fisher offers tips on online dating dos and don’ts. You also get the advantage of “Member Spotlight” that highlights your profile on the website and its sister websites for two weeks. Chemistry also features interactive tools called “Chemistry Starters”, played by two people. Plan your date with “First Meeting” feature. Get the most out of online dating with Chemistry and have a wonderful time meeting and finding your partner.

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