Nike Fuel Band Review: Best Fitness Tracker

Get Nike Fuel Band coupon and save on the new Nike Fuelband SE at Nike Fuelband monitors your activities and measures your fitness. If you want inspiration and encouragement to get off your couch and take care of your body, then Nike Fuelband is just what you need. Nike Fuelband is sleek and fashionable, and most of all, it is smart. The latest edition, Nike+ Fuelband SE tracks your activity and logs it so that you can access it whenever you want to. The Fuelband uses the NikeFuel to track your active life, and the more your score, the more active you are that day. You can set goals, reminders and have a really cool watch all at the same time.


Nike Fuelband second edition gives you hourly reminders to get up and do something, it logs your sessions, shows you time, is waterproof, and even tracks your sleep patterns. Nike Fuelband SE has just one button to access all its functions. The clasp of the band also works as the USB port and is used to connect to your computer and recharge. The Fuelband comes in four colors of Volt, Pink Foil, Total Crimson and Black. The side facing you is always black, but the underbelly boasts one of these bright colors. The band has a matt finish so that the display is visible even in bright sunlight. The display consists of a 100-dot LED screen that slides from one feature to another smoothly. There is a progress bar below the display screen that shows your status for that day.

Nike Fuelband comes in three sizes – small, medium or large and extra large. There is one band piece accompanying every Fuelband through which you can increase the size to fit your wrist. The companion app is Nike+ that separates your friend circle into groups according to your specifications. Nike+ lets you compare your progress with that of your friends and fellow NikeFuel users. This is great for you as it infuses your days with a healthy competitive streak. The software can also be used to access Facebook and find out your competitors and what they are up to.

The Fuelband is faster and with a much increased battery life. Nike Fuelband SE is incorporated with two new features. The Hours feature nags you to get up every hour and do some physical activity to get your blood flowing. The Sessions feature records your activity in sessions and gives you a Fuel/minute report for each session. Nike Fuelband has a menu that stores your activity history over years. It also calculates your average and reset your goals. Nike Fuelband comes with Bluetooth 4.0 that lets you sync up with your iPhone or your computer. Your phone gives you reminders even when you are not wearing your Fuelband.

Nike Fuelband is an amazing new activity tracker that acts as your own personal trainer. It coaxes and cajoles to do your best. The Fuelband comes with an array of interesting features like Calories, Steps, Time, Fuel Score, Hourly Move Reminders, Hours Won, Sessions and so much more. The Fuelband is made to push people and is quite addictive. Get Nike Fuelband and watch your life transform into something more. Get in shape and stay fit with Nike Fuelband.


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