Nike Fuel Band Review: Save on Fuelband SE at

Here is our latest Nike Fuel Band review of 2014 which will surely help you to explore new features about Nike Fuelband SE. Nike Fuelband, in its new form, is a work-of-art. It is one of the best activity trackers in the market with its sophisticated and stylish looks. The second edition comes with new features and a better battery life. If you want to get moving with a great activity tracker, that will monitor your activities and even your sleep patterns, Nike+ Fuelband SE is what you need. The device tracks your activities with the universal NikeFuel. The greater your score, the more active you are in your days. Get cajoled, coaxed and nudged into getting off your couch and doing a lap around the block with your Fuelband. nike-fuelband-coupon-code Nike Fuelband SE comes in a great utilitarian and simple design in three bright colors of Volt, Pink Foil and Total Crimson, and the ever-popular Black. The band comes with just one button to access all its functions and features. Nike Fuelband is unlike any other activity tracker with a display that consists of a 100-dot LED screen. There is a progress bar just below the screen that shows exactly where you stand with your daily NikeFuel goal. The Fuelband comes in three sizes of small, medium/large and extra large. There are links that you can use to make it bigger to fit your wrist. Nike+ is the companion app of Nike Fuelband and is very useful to stay in touch with any other NikeFuel user. Use Nike+ to separate your contacts into groups and look up their activities and progress during the day.

Nike Fuelband’s display slides through the features swiftly and smoothly. The display can be seen even in brilliant sunlight as it adjusts to the intensity of light. The band has a matt finish that further facilitates viewing in bright light. The all-purpose button is used to access the different functions like setting reminders and to see time. The Fuelband SE is charged by inserting its USB port into your computer, which also acts as the Fuelband clasp. The Fuelband comes with two new features, namely, Hours and Sessions. The Hours feature gives you reminders to do some form of physical activity every hour while the Sessions feature gives you a Fuel/minute report of every session.

The Fuelband comes with Bluetooth 4.0 that helps sync up with your computer or iPhone app automatically in the background. Your iPhone app syncs up with your device and you can change settings, access apps and set reminders through your phone. There are apps to count your calories, measure distance and even monitor your heart rate. There are daily readouts of your daily activities and your position among other NikeFuel users. You can access your Fuelband history over months or years. Nike Fuelband helps you set your goals and achieve them. Your iPhone app functions like your activity tracker even when you are not wearing one. The battery life is vastly improves and can go hours without recharging. Get fit and stay in shape with the help of your Nike Fuelband.

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