Nike Fuelband Review: Best Activity Tracker & Fitness Monitor

Nike Fuelband is one of the best activity trackers created till date. Add more energy and activities in your life with Nike Fuelband SE. Shop now and save with Nike Fuel Band promo codes at Get off your couch and get fit with Nike Fuelband. The Fuelband looks chic and sleek with a matt finish. The band has just one button, a Nike logo and a 100-dot LED display screen. The display slides from one function to the next at the tap of the button smoothly.


The band’s matt finish helps you look up the display even in bright sunlight. It comes in three sizes of small, medium or large and extra large. The Fuelband fits your wrist seamlessly and can be enlarged with the help of additional links provided with your purchase. It is light, waterproof and insanely sensitive to all your movements. It logs your activities whether you run, do yoga, take a brisk walk, swim, go to gym, do anything and it will be tracked. Get helpful reminders and set it to track your sleeping patterns. It is a digital watch and ac activity tracker all rolled into one.

Nike Fuel Band second edition has an increased battery life and is charged by hooking it up to your computer. The Fuelband’s clasp acts as the USB port that connects to your computer for data sharing or charging. Sign up with NikeFuel and get your score daily. Nike Fuelband records your activity through NikeFuel, the more active you are, the better your score. Set daily goals and note your status with the small bar below the display screen.

Nike Fuelband SE provides reminders, tips and feedbacks so that your activity increases. The Fueband is available in bright colors of Volt, Pink Foil, Total Crimson and Black. Set up your Nike+ app and categorize all your friends into separate groups. Stay in touch and look up what they are up to in their lives. Sync your Fuelband with iPhone app to access even more features and tools. Nike Fuelband is the best activity tracker for athletes and those who are trying to change their ways.

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