Reviews for Best Running Shoes

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Running is one of the most favorite ways of staying in shape because it can be done anywhere and hardly needs any gear. All you need are a pair of comfortable shoes and clothing, appropriate for all weather. Best running shoes are essential if you are a regular jogger or runner to prevent injuries to your joints or muscles.

While buying suitable running shoes, look for stability. A good running shoe will absorb the shock for your feet, ankles and knees while you are pounding on the ground. Optimum cushioning to protect your feet from uneven terrain and hard ground, and comfort are also essential. Last but not the least they should look good. Here is a list of some of the best running shoesworth checking out before buying your running shoes.


Nike Free Flyknit: This particular series of Nike Shoes combines the unique properties of Nike Free and the Flyknit technology to give a close and well-fitting feel of socks. The Flyknit uppers are one piece and use a very clever weave technology. It puts a higher density of fabrics in the areas you need more support and greater protection around the heels and toes. The Flyknit upper provides more flexibility and support along with the Nike Free sole. There are diagonal flex grooves throughout the arch that keeps your foot movement natural.

Nike Flyknit Racer: The Racer utilizes a single-piece upper woven with a new synthetic fiber called the Flyknit. The fibers complement each element of the shoe and provide maximum breathability and support to your feet while you are running. The upper is made of a recycled polyester/PET bottle blend. The WaffleSkin rubber outsole is made of the same material that increases the flexibility and traction on uneven grounds.

Under Armour SpeedFoam: The SpeedFoam upholds the brand’s reputation as innovators of sports goods. The shoes weigh an astounding 170 grams making it one of the lightest running shoes ever. The upper is a single, seamless swatch of fabric that molds around your feet giving a sock-like feel. The shoes are ideal for running on smooth paths and give you a barefoot feel. They are snug and flexible, so that you can change directions in a second.

New Balance 1063: 1063 is a regular sized shoe ideal for the neutral runner. It offers the comfort of a spacious box and fits snugly to your heel. It provides sufficient stability and support while you are running. The patented NLock lacing system keeps your shoes secure and optimizes the support it provides and its fit. The lacing holds the shoe to your feet while running and ensures it doesn’t slip.

Adidas Energy Boost: Adidas has come up with a breakthrough material called ‘Boost’ for its running shoes that transfers more energy to your knees and calf muscles while you run. The Boost sole is perfect for runners who lead with their heels and there is a noticeable increase in speed due to the spring in the sole’s back. It absorbs shock and makes you faster.

Brooks PureGrit 2:The Brooks PureGrit 2 combines light attributes with flexibility. The sole is made of a geometric tread that increases your traction and its adhesion to slippery surfaces like rocks and mud. Built for trail running, the shoes are characterized by an asymmetrical and padded tongue with an asymmetrical lacing. This innovative design keeps the tongue from bunching under the laces and stays in place no matter what, hence making the shoes ultra-comfortable.

Sketchers Go Bionic: Sketchers offer a zero-drop sole in its Go Bionic that ensures incredible breathability for your feet. The shoes minimize heel lift and maximize comfort. The outsole shows just the correct combination of squishiness and firmness, making it as soundless as possible. There are large gaps in the sole that allow for flexibility in the front, back, and the sides.

Asics Gel-Kayano 20: Asics running shoes continue to evolve and the 20th edition is a rare thing of beauty and utility. The Gel-Kayano 20 compliments your body type and helps you maintain your natural gait while jogging or running. The ‘Biomorphic” upper molds to your foot, at the same time the ‘Impact Guidance System’ and the double-layer of the ‘FluidRide’ sole comforts you and retains your energy for a longer run.

Mizuno WaveRider 17: This shoe is one of the best for marathon runners. Its U4iC midsole offer thick cushioning so that feet is not tired easily and weighs just 250 grams. While you are running, it follows Newton’s Third Law of Motion and returns some of your energy in the form of an extra bounce in your step.

SauconyKinvara 4:The shoes boast of a FlexFilm upper that improves the fit and locks the foot into position. The cushioning is ample and provides incredible support. The shoes come 15% lighter and 30% more durable than most of its counterparts. The Memory Foam heel pods secure your shoes even more and help with a smooth ride. The PowerGrid system maximizes the impact protection of your feet.

No matter which pair of running shoes you choose, you can’t go wrong with the above lot. Pick one and find your way to running nirvana!