Top Fitness Trackers and Sports Items

Fitness trackers seem to be the most-needed accessory no matter what you are wearing with their chic designs and bold colors. Get active with the latest activity trackers and watch your life transform. To choose one that suits you from among so many, here is a rundown on the most popular fitness trackers in the market.


Nike+ FuelBand SE

The Nike+ Fuelband SE forms the special or second edition of the first Nike+ Fuelband, and tracks calories, steps, NikeFuel scores and your sleep. It improves your active level by giving hourly reminders, increases calorie burn with new features like Hours and Sessions that allows you to log your activity in different sessions. The Fuelband is water resistant and has a single display consisting of 100-LED dots and just one button to access all its functions. It syncs with your iPhone app so that all your data is easily accessible.

Bowflex Boost

The Bowflex Boost is more affordable than most other activity tracker and tracks calories, number of steps,, distance, sleep patterns and more. It can sync automatically with iPhone app. The display is just a set of red, yellow and green lights to indicate whether you have achieved your goals or not.

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is a sleek wristband that tracks your activity level, calories burned, distance traveled and even the quality of your sleep. You can program the tracker to indicate the progression of your goals. The Flex works as an alarm clock and vibrates to wake you up. It automatically updates your stats whenever it’s in close range to the Bluetooth-enabled wireless dongle that can be plugged into your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung galaxy. If you are uncomfortable with the wristband, go for Fitbit One or Zip.

Polar Loop

The Polar Loop is a waterproof tracker that tracks your sleep and calories. It syncs through Bluetooth or a USB cable to your iPhone app. The app also features an Activity Guide that gives you tips on how to achieve your daily fitness goals. The app also reminds to get up and do something if you have been sitting for some time. The display shows “Up,” “Walk,” or “Jog” depending on what you need. you can also include a heart rate sensor to track the intensity of your movements.

BodyMedia Fit Link

Even though the BodyMedia Fit Link is not as sleek and slim like its peers, it is very simple to use and that makes it popular. It is an armband that tracks calories, workout intensity, steps, and the quality of your sleep. Using the online weight management system, you can also keep a log of everything you eat. The activity stats show if calories burned are more than calories consumed. It syncs with smartphones and computers where you can view the data.

Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 tracks all your activities like walking, distance, pace and calories. It also tracks your behavior when you sleep. It can be synced to your iOS or Android so that you can check your data and include new goals. You can add other features manually like workouts, meals and others. It vibrates whenever you set an alarm or reminders. The battery life is of seven days, which is quite extensive.

Garmin Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit is one tracker that you never have to take off. With a battery life of over a year and water resistant properties, you can keep it on all the time. It tracks sleep, distance, calories burned, steps and workout details. It can be paired with a heart-rate monitor. Garmin Vivofit comes with an activity bar that reminds you to get up and be active when you have been sitting for too long. It can sync up with iOS or Android app.

MisFit Shine

A minimalistic design, the MisFit Shine conceals its technology in a small metallic sphere and comes in four different colors. It tracks sleep, calories, steps taken and activities like running, cycling and swimming. MisFit Shine is waterproof and can be worn on your wrist, as a necklace or attached to your clothing. The battery lasts for four months and the lights show you your progress. It is synced to iOS or Android app.

Striiv Play

The Striiv Play is a pedometer, which paired with its iPhone app, the Striiv Play, gives you challenges that need to be completed in that day itself. The tracker tracks your distance, number of steps taken and calories burned. The app synchronizes with MyFitnessPal and monitors your calorie intake.

Withings Pulse

The Withings Pulse is light and clips onto your clothes. It measures your steps, distance traveled, elevation, calories and sleep. If you run or walk, the Pulse displays the distance you have gone and time taken. If you place your finger on the back of the Pulse, you will know your heart rate. The Withings app syncs data with your iOS or Android app. It has battery life of two weeks when it has to be recharged.

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